Heather & Anthony | Seattle Anniversary Session

if you've never considered celebrating your anniversary with a photo session, you should. anniversary sessions are the perfect gift to each other and such a wonderful way to remember that time in your married lives years down the road. these sessions may be some of my very favorite ones to photograph - we just have fun together and lots of it.

heather and anthony reached out a while back to schedule a session this summer. they recently moved to the seattle area after anthony found out he was going to be stationed here. they made it a priority to document their 5 years of marriage before anthony is deployed for 6 months again next month. i don't know how these two do the distance for that long but however they do it, they're doing it right. it was so great to work with these two. they made it look so easy - but then again it's easy to make a couple look extremely happy in photos when they simply are that happy together.

happy anniversary, you two lovebirds!!

Dawn & Edward | Seattle Wedding Photographer

sometimes the world is so small. smaller than small. sometimes you meet someone and you realize you basically had the same path in life but never actually crossed paths until years later and you wonder how life happens as it does, with all of its twists and turns. 

dawn and i both graduated from james madison university in virginia. we both attended the same post-graduate fellowship program in maryland (trinity forum academy, which is the smallest of worlds), and then we both moved to queen anne across the country in seattle and ended up living just a few blocks from each other. when she contacted me last year, she had found these facts out and knew that we had to come together for her wedding. i was more than thrilled to be the photographer for her and edward's day - without any idea how breathtaking it would all be until the moment i arrived to her parent's incredible home on bainbridge island.

their wedding took place on the most unbelievable (and i truly mean unbelievable) property overlooking all of the puget sound and at the most stunning town and countryesque home you ever did see. dawn and edward absolutely did me a favor by letting me photograph their day. everywhere i turned to point my camera, there was "detail disneyland" (as us photographers like to call it). on top of it all, dawn and edward's energy & love for each other was electric that day, making the entire day vibrant with emotion and completely saturated with joy.

i am still dumbfounded by life and speechless about the fact that i got to photograph their wonderful day. what a pleasure and marvelous gift! congratulations to my dears, dawn & edward!

Priyanka & Atishay | Seattle Engagement Photographer

priyanka & atishay are one of those gorgeous couples - the kind that i meet right before our session together and i think, "oh yeah, this is gonna be easy." and it was. 

we took major advantage of the golden hours at discovery park and chased after the very best light. these two brought it, & and they brought it good. every time i snapped a shot, i squealed, knowing frame after frame was pure gold. 

this one's gotta be one of my very favorite engagement sessions to date. i just wish so bad that i could follow them to india to photograph their big day. at least i was lucky enough to get them in front of my camera in the first place. i mean even as i was editing these, i was gushing over priyanka's dresses.  a little bit of glamour with all of those stunning pnw landscapes? i'll take it.

congratulations on your engagement, you two! thanks for giving me the pleasure of capturing the occasion :)