Wedded Wednesday | Seeing with the Heart

just 10 more days to go. the checklist is growing smaller. final payments have been made. had my final dress fitting. the 10 day weather forecast is available. needless to say, most of our ducks are in a row and we're just about ready to do this thing. 

i'd say through it all, we've been a pretty excellent team. ladies, get this. i have a man who handles all of the logistics. wedding itineraries, vendor relationships, the nitty gritty. i know how i want the day to feel, to vibe, to look. billy actively seeks how to get it all to be the way i want it. more than that, he's been super involved with all the decision making. in my experience with grooms, this is not the norm. i'm so thankful for how billy recognizes the areas that stress me out and for how he conquers them.

a couple days ago, my dad texted me. "12 days to go. don't forget that 'the eyes never forget what the heart has seen.' let your heart see everything for these 12 days and know i love you everyday." i read that text as i was landing back in seattle from chicago, ready to take on the next week and tackle my to dos. my dad has always known just what to say with impeccable timing. this was no exception. the best dad in the world. how did he know i needed that sweet reminder? 

so these last 10 days, i'm reminded to see with my heart. when deliveries get lost in the mail, when guests are dropping out last minute, when dresses don't fit as planned, when the linens may not be just the right shade of gold, when i have to choose between 3 pairs of shoes for the honeymoon instead of 18 - i vow to see with my heart. i vow to see it all with understanding, with a newly found freedom, with love. because there's a bottom line to be seen with the heart, most importantly...

in 10 days i'll say yes to billy. i'll say yes to forever. to a boy i met 10 years ago when he was wearing a white tshirt, grabbing a drink at the water fountain on the bottom floor of james madison university's music building. and when i think about the last 10 years and where we've come from, it's crazier to think that it is nothing compared to the next 50+ years to come. when i think about our day, everything else falls short in comparison. 

"when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible." - when harry met sally

so it's 10 and counting. i'm ready. i've been ready. i've got no plans next saturday but to start the rest of my life with mr. smith. with all of my heart and then even a little bit more.

**p.s. - if it's anything like the past 10 years, 4.26.14 is gonna be one heck of a darn good time.**

Hanna & Tyler | Loveless Cafe Wedding

i love when my job brings me back to old friends. hanna and i connected in college and spent a blissful summer as kindred spirits in chicago years ago. we've stayed in touch over the years and as soon as she and her wonderful man, tyler, got engaged a few months ago, we figured out how i could come out there this past march to document their wedding in nashville. i had never been to nashville and was dying to go out there for a visit. throw in a wedding at one of nashville's greatest landmarks, loveless cafe? even better.

their day was such a joy to be a part of - it was homey, traditional, southern, familiar, and a downright darn good time. so honored to have been there to be a part of it all. so honored to have shared in the smiles, love, and cherished moments that made up their incredible celebration.

Spring Mix 2014

it's that time of year again! spring mix 2014 is alive and well. with most of us buried under one of the worst winters we've ever experienced across the country, it's about time we let loose a little. i've compiled a list of recent favorites to keep your spirits high, to bob your head to and to listen to while you feel the sun on your skin again. 

i love curating this playlist every year for ya'll. if you love what you're hearing, let me know! would love to hear from you!