2014 | A Year In Review

my, oh my. 2014 - what a year you were. the best year yet. it was the year that billy and i got married, honeymooned to italy, and began our future together. it was the year that billy and i got to go to the superbowl. it was the year that brought me to alaska and hawaii for weddings. it was the year that left me feeling more grateful, exhausted, challenged, fulfilled and masterful in my business than any year before this. from weddings to engagements to anniversaries to families and even onto centurylink field to photograph a few seattle seahawks games - this year made me sweat and hustle. and as i look back on all of its charms & adventures, i am left with nothing but thankfulness for the opportunities that have come my way. thank you to my husband, my family, my friends and all of my clients, for all of your support and trust in my abilities. i know that i simply wouldn't accomplish much without you all. 

thank you, 2014 for all that you were and for all of the blessings you rained down on me. 2015, i'm comin' for ya. but you've got a lot to live up to, may i say.

Christmas Corners Around our Home

it's the last week to get all of our ducks in a row before guests start arriving to our home this weekend and before christmas next week! as the city of seattle is all a bustle, and every night this month has been planned out with events, parties, dinners, and friends, we've retreated to our cozy home in the quiet moments to enjoy how cozy it has become for billy and during our first married christmas season. we've decked the halls, started new holiday traditions, and have created a peaceful yet festive place to stay warm this month. i love the christmas treasures that have been collected the past few years and the new gems that have been gifted to us this year. 

this is how we've decked the halls of our humble apartment in queen anne, seattle. christmas touches and holiday favorites adorn every corner around here. what are some of your traditions in your family? do you enjoy decorating for the holidays as much as i do?!