Meet Caroline | Seattle Senior Photographer

caroline contacted me for senior photos after seeing photos from senior sessions i had shot with her friends earlier this year. i drove out to lake cavanaugh to meet miss caroline for her senior session. both the drive and the destination were gorgeous and i was thankful for a break outside of the city. caroline was ready to go with her cheer uniform, letterman jacket, and different spots picked out near her family's lakehouse. we chatted, swapped high school stories, and got some killer shots of caroline in her element, during such an exciting time in her life. 

caroline's a total rockstar. and i wish her all the best as she tackles her first college year in nashville!

Meet Melissa | Seattle Portrait Photographer

a few weeks back, my bestie in the industry asked me to take some photos of her to use in the launch of her new website. finally the day has arrived, and melissa kilner's new brand and new website is LIVE! go on over to her new site, check out her look. because it's my beloved designer and dear friend, jeffrey shipley & tonic site shop that made her new brand/site a hundred shades of pretty. proud of all that they've accomplished in the last few months and super excited for melissa and her new brand look! and

when you head over there to her new site, see if you can spot some of my images floating around on it's pages.