Faith & Justin | Four Seasons Seattle Wedding Photographer

faith and justin are a dynamite duo. their shared faith and their love for each other is so apparent in their interactions. they pulled off one of the most elegant weddings i've ever seen. the four seasons in downtown seattle was the perfect backdrop for their sparkling party. gold and rose tones filled every corner of the ceremony and reception. and the adorable details, including donut favors for every guest, were a charming finishing touch. 

thank you to the incredible team of vendors who pulled this together in order to make this such an unforgettable day for the happy couple. and congratulations to faith and justin. it was a day that wedding dreams are made of. 

Rachel & James | Rosehill Community Center Photographer

in a heavenly setting a little north of seattle near the water, rachel & james' wedding day took place. on their day, moments passed with ease. the girls giggled as they took their time getting ready with their bridey best friend. the boys munched on meat & cheese platters and took their sweet time doing what men do. natural beauty was in every inch of their day. the mood - positively charming. children played, a dear friend was the officiant, and the summer sun made everything golden.

rachel, the bride, was one of the most exquisite brides that ever was. the dj killed it and kept the party in full swing. my couple even staged a flip cup tournament at the end of their reception. my kinda couple.

this, this is the type of wedding where I feel like the bride and groom did me a favor for letting me document such a thing. congrats to my dear rachel & james.

Seahawks vs. Packers | Seattle Sports Photographer

last thursday, i had my first experience freelance shooting for the seattle seahawks. i couldn’t help but relish this new opportunity when they asked me to spend a game day at centurylink field. i've had experience capturing the fan experience at other games and events but photographing the nfl fan experience was an entirely new challenge for me. there's nothing like the energy in centurylink field and on the field the energy is even more electric. it was such a rush to capture the human element of a stadium full of 70,000 passionate sports fans coming together for a single mission…to win.

supplementing fan photography with commercial shots for print and online media kept me constantly thinking of how these photos would be utilized in the hands of my new client. i’m so eager to see how they will be used in furthering marketing initiatives for such an outstanding organization, our beloved seattle seahawks. honored to have been on the sidelines for the nfl season kickoff game last thursday and i absolutely can't wait to be there again for a couple more games this season. here are some favorites from last week.